How the Keto diet plan helps in losing weight

You must have heard about various diets to achieve effective weight loss results. The most popular suggestions provided are Atkins, Paleo, Vegan, etc, and incidentally. All these are about following the keto meal plan.


How the keto diet plan helps in losing weight.


For all those who are always looking for new diets and plans to achieve their targeted weight here. We tell you all about the keto diet plan and ways how it can help in losing weight. You must have found various types of diets to be followed to achieve effective weight loss results. The most popular suggestions provided are Atkins, Paleo, Vegan, etc, and incidentally, all these are about following the keto meal plan.

Many new names for one single way of eating are really confusing but all of them work in a similar way. Although the ketogenic diet is the basis of all the above-mentioned diets yet. They may not give results to everybody equally. It is because of this reason there are various studies still being conducted on the effectiveness of the low carb diets.




keto diet plan



Ways keto diet plan helps to lose weight


Talking about the ketogenic or low carb diet plans for weight loss. Lets us see in what ways keto diet plans can help in losing weight. It is a common belief that fats are not healthy for our body and do not help in losing weight. Some time back there was a study that publishes in The New York Times. About the role of butter as being a positive and healthy part of the weight loss journey. Common belief says that butter is not a good consideration for the heart also not even for those on a weight loss journey. It was interesting to study that the low-carb lifestyle. Works effectively by encouraging healthy fats intake but in a well measured and controlled amount. This conclusion certainly contradicts the effectiveness of low-fat diets. The inclusion of healthy fats like butter, olive oil, avocado, etc. helps in achieving weight loss.

The low carb diet, also known as the keto diet plan focuses on making use of various other sources of food in order to get energy. In these diets, it maintains that carbs that work as an instant source of energy. And are largely responsible for increased levels of glucose in our body. This can trigger high insulin levels making weight loss a very tough task.



keto diet plan



The low carb diet,

The low carb diet, also known as the keto diet plan focuses on making use of various other sources of food in order to get energy.

The simple basic goal of the ketogenic diet is to enable the dieter to enter the state of ketosis. This is made possible through fat  metabolism. When the dieter reaches the ketogenic state, his or her body uses fat primarily to get energy in place of carbohydrates. When the level of carbohydrates gets low, fats can easily convert into ketones which helps in fueling the body.


Keto for an Adult.



As per an interesting survey that was supported by the National Institutes of Health. And in its report issue in the Annals of Internal Medicine, it observed that a group of 148 obese subjects in the age group of 22-75. Those who were made to follow a low-carb diet. Lost better weight than the other group that followed a low-fat diet plan. This surely was an unexpected outcome of the study.

It is a common experience that the low-fat diet helps people to lose 4 pounds weight on an average. But those who followed a keto diet or the low carb diet considerably lose their excess weight much more than that. The keto meal plan can help the followers with losing nothing less than a whopping 12 pounds in one go.

If you too wish to go for a customized keto diet plan, you can contact us here…

Finally, I can say with my personal experience that the keto diet can help to lose weight faster than any other way of dieting. You can read my personal weight loss journey experience here…



keto diet plan


In Conclusion.


As a testimony to this keto diet, I vouch for its authority in claiming that actually, all fats are not harmful to the body. Fats actually aid in reducing the risks of cardiac issues. And cause considerable weight loss in lesser time. I personally got rid of my hypertension issues and medication following a ketogenic meal plan but the fact also remains that the keto diet is a very restrictive diet and as Indians, it cannot be our lifestyle diet. Why! I will talk about it later…




Vitamin D Deficiency why is it so important

 Hello all! The very word ‘vitamin D’ reminds me of the Bournvita ad. They have said it loud and clear that ‘Vitamin D ke bina dodh ka calcium waste ho jata hai’. So Bournvita is fortified with Vitamin D so that kids don’t miss out on their calcium.

Let me tell you what crossed my mind when I saw this ad for the first time. I just thought that why do they need to add vitamin D in the health drink? Doesn’t our body synthesize it in presence of sunlight?



Why is Vitamin D Important Vitamin D Deficiency



It may have been the case with you all too. But now I think this is done to ensure that the children don’t suffer from Rickets which is a disease caused due to Vitamin D deficiency 



  Vitamin D deficiency and it's risk



Oh well, allow me to proceed and tell you more about Vitamin D deficiency.

It is a fat-soluble vitamin and it is also called ‘sunshine vitamin’ as it is synthesized by the body under sunlight (So we should worship the Sun God every morning!!).



Why is Vitamin Important?


  • It is an immune system regulator and helps the immune system fight disorders like the common cold.
  • This is vital for the absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorous, and both are needed for the maintenance of healthy bones.
  • It plays a key role in maintaining cognitive functions where the word cognitive refers to awareness, perception, reasoning, and judgment.
  • I am sure that you would be happy to hear this! Vitamin D plays an important role in maintaining healthy body weight, according to a study.
  • It is known to reduce the severity and frequency of asthma symptoms.
  • It has been shown to reduce the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis in women.
  • This protects from radiation damage (low levels of radiation).
  • Studies have shown that people with adequate levels of vitamin D have a considerably lower risk of developing cancer.
  • It enables recovery from TB in a rapid manner.
  • Low levels of vitamin D may increase the risk of heart attack and early death. So it becomes essential to maintain adequate levels of this vitamin in the body.



What happens when there is a deficiency in the body?


  • Bone pain and muscle weakness ( a sign of deficiency)
  • Little children might develop rickets, a condition in which there is a softening of bones. They may also affect by asthma.

Now the question arises that why is there a deficiency of the sunshine vitamin in the body?


Deficiency can be due to any of the following reasons:


  1. If you have a strict vegetarian diet.  As only animal products are good sources of vitamins.
  2. If you don’t expose yourself to sunlight. We have ample sunshine here in India but you may be using too much sunblock/sunscreen or staying indoors always.
  3. If there is more melanin pigmentation in your skin. It may become difficult to synthesize Vit-D in such a case.
  4. Obesity can cause lower levels of the vitamin in the body.
  5. The digestive tract might not be absorbing the vitamin from the food.


Foods rich in Vitamin D

  • Fish
  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Cereal(the ones that are fortified)
  • Mushroom
  • Orange juice


The recommended daily allowance is as follows:


  • 600 IU/day for ages 1 to 70
  • 800 IU/day for over 70 years of age
  • 600 IU/day for pregnant and lactating women

Get outdoors and have a free dose of vitamin D but ensure you take food that is rich in it too.

Stay fit and take care!


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lose weight WITHOUT exercising.



While exercise has many benefits, such as boosting your metabolism and keeping you physically as well as mentally healthy, it is possible ways to lose weight without exercising!

There may be many reasons why you can’t hit the gym or participate in exercises on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge app. Maybe you’ve had an injury or operation or suffer from another health-related issue?

It’s important to remember that working out helps you burn calories and build muscle but it is NOT mandatory in order to lose weight.

In fact, there are lots of ways to lose pounds without exerting yourself….


8 simple ways to lose weight without exercising


Can you lose weight without exercising?


Weight loss requires getting complete nutrition with fewer calories than you burn. This may sound simple, but many people focus too heavily on dramatically reducing their calorie intake and crash dieting. This is impossible to maintain for any prolonged period of time.

Often, when you restrict your food intake, you can end up piling the weight back on because you feel hungry and are more likely to eat more when you do eat to satisfy those hunger pangs!

Here are eight sensible ways you can lose weight without any exercise…


1. Don’t eat above or below your BMR calories




If you’re trying to lose weight, you want to make sure it’s in a healthy and sustainable way, like the 28 Day Weight Loss Challengeplan. Your basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the number of calories you’d burn if you stayed in bed all day.

This is an important number to know on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, firstly so you’re aware of how much you can eat and still lose weight, and secondly, so you know how much you must eat to stay healthy – you must never eat below your BMR calories, as this can send your body into energy-conserving starvation mode.

Calculate your BMR here.


2. Plan your meals in advance


Spending a little bit of time on a meal plan will help so much during the week. If you’ve made a plan for healthy meals and snacks for the week, done the shopping, and even got ahead with some meal prep on the weekend, you are so much more likely to stick to it!


Sascha meal prep motivation budget meal plan


Don’t forget to plan for healthy snacks. Eating the wrong snacks can easily de-rail weight loss success.

The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge has heaps of healthy snacks to choose from.



3. Keep your WATER up!


Sometimes when you’re out and about and on the go, with a trusty water bottle in hand, it’s easy to remember to keep your water intake up.

Water is an integral part of weight loss, flushing out our system and keeping our digestive system in good shape.  To lose weight without exercising.

Keep your water bottle next to you and every time you feel like opening the fridge or grabbing a snack, take a big gulp of water. Water can help you stop overeating as we sometimes mistake hunger for thirst. Grab a 2-liter water bottle and try to get through it during the day so you know how much you’ve drunk.

15 ways to up your water intake 


4. Go to bed 10 minutes earlier


5 ways to MAINTAIN a flat tummy



According to research, if your body isn’t receiving enough sleep, hunger cravings and mood disruptions can occur more frequently.

Simply heading to bed just 10 minutes earlier can help your overall sleep patterns. Keep you on track with your goals and improve how you feel during the hours you are awake.


5. Take deep breaths


Simple breathing exercises that allow the diaphragm to contract properly. Can help you to increase oxygen in the body, improve metabolism and support weight loss.





Try yogic breathing for 10 minutes per day by breathing in through your nose and allowing the belly to rise fully. Then, slowly breathe out through your mouth relaxing the chest and belly.

Or try one of the audio meditations in the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge App. Diaphragmatic breathing can improve circulation, reduce stress, curb food cravings, increases the uptake of oxygen, and increase the body’s fat-burning potential.



6. Drink our Healthy Mummy Smoothies

These are the perfect solution to the busy mum’s breakfast and/or lunch and take just two minutes to make.




They give your body essential nutrients including protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. And will keep you full and satisfied until snack time. Plus, they’re breastfeeding friendly and are 96 percent sugar-free and 100 percent fructose and artificial sweetener-free.

Buy your smoothie tub here!


7. Avoid the triggers




If you have certain people or situations that lead to poor food choices, it’s time to make some changes. If you always grab Chinese with a colleague for lunch or always head to a café for a chocolate mud cake with a girlfriend – you need to nip those bad habits in the bud right away.

Make suggestions for healthier options – why not take turns bringing in a healthy lunch for you and your colleague?

It’s important to notice the triggers that lead to poor choices, and then turning them on their head so that they are no longer an issue


8. Cut out one thing at a time



8 simple ways to lose weight WITHOUT exercising



If you feel as though your junk food cravings are too big to tackle all at once, try cutting out one thing at a time.

You could start with a soft drink for the first week, then chips, then other favorites – all the while topping up what you do eat with new, tasty options so that you don’t feel as though you are missing out.

So if you really love blueberries, be sure to keep them in the house so that you can ‘indulge’ whenever you feel like it. If you love to dip, make your own healthy versions so that you can tuck in anytime.



Mum loses 14kg without exercise and reverses her health issues


Mum and granny loses 14kg without exercise and reverses her health issues

Christine Eccles was not able to lose weight without exercising regularly but she still joined the  

28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, 

did the Keto meal plan and has lost 14kg! Remarkably, she’s also managed to reverse some of her health issues.

 The Queensland-based grandma first discovered The Healthy Mummy in 2018 after reading the incredible 

weight loss story of Cicily

, who has lost 56kg through the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

“I ordered Healthy  Mummy SmoothiesSugar X, numerous clothing items, drinking cups, and snacks and I joined the 28 Weight Loss Challenge app and Facebook support group to access recipes and exercise videos,” she says.

“I was then diagnosed with Scleroderma, a rare and incurable autoimmune disease. Non-alcoholic liver cirrhosis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. And although I used the smoothies regularly for the next few years. I was letting my disease take control and I spent most of the next few years inactive and in bed.”



Mum and granny loses 14kg without exercise and reverses her health issues



In Sept 2020, Christine, 49, was booked in for a hip replacement. And she says she knew that she had a choice, keep gaining weight or use the opportunity to control her eating, as exercise was not an option.

“By seeking advice from other Healthy Mummies, I decided on the ‘warm turkey’ approach, where you make changes slowly, in order to not feel restricted and give up early,” she says.

“I took two weeks to reduce rather than cut out takeaways, two weeks to reduce processed foods and meal sizes, and two weeks to cut out sugars and sweeteners.  After doing all that, I lost 5kgs with no exercise.”





These gorgeous mums are feeling happier and healthier than ever before!



Christine is a HUGE fan of the Keto recipes on the Healthy Mummy App


In Dec 2020, Christine started her first Challenge on the app, using the low-carb meal plan, then Keto.

“I was excited when The Healthy Mummy created a Keto menu. I still enjoy my Choc Fudge Smoothies and use Control X Berry and Sugar X on the occasions I have a craving,” she says.

“My typical day starts with bacon and egg variety dishes, chocolate and peanut butter cups, cheese, nuts, eggs or coffee cheesecake for snacks, caesar salad or smoothie for lunch and meat and green veggies for dinner (varieties).”



Christine’s health issues have improved dramatically




8 simple ways to lose weight without exercising





I might have lost 14kgs so far and over 25cm but the most important things. I have lost are the inflammation, pain, liver cirrhosis, leaky gut symptoms, and my negative thoughts and lack of moving,” she says.

“From XL to M and 18-20 to 14-16, off my anxiety medication and ready to start the Healthy Mummy 12 week challenge to lose the remaining 11kgs.”


Advice for other mums


1. Motivate yourself to lose weight without exercising

“My advice is not to wait for motivation, it can’t just be found. You need to make a change, acknowledge the change and then your motivation will appear to keep going.”

2. Move as much as you can

“Moving a little is better than nothing at all.”

3. Find someone to join with you

“I recently moved my daughter and grandson back home to help me and in the first week. She’s lost 5kg and she loves the tummy smoothies and has friends also now joining up. It’s great to do this journey together.”


Kick start your health with the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge!




28 Day challenge



Once you’ve had some well-earned sleep, join us on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge!

With more than 4,000 delicious, healthy recipes, 350 exercises & 24/7 support – it is designed (and proven) to help busy mums like you lose weight! The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is literally like having a PT in your pocket.

To learn more about our challenge click here.




 Free Diet Tips In India; Why You Must Eat Muskmelon

Summers are on and we surely love this season for the juicy melons that are easily available all around. Watermelons and musk melons are the most commonly available ones. If you are a melon lover and want to know the weight loss benefits of watermelons, read here.

Another popular melon during summers is Muskmelon also known as Cantaloupe. This is a popular fruit during the summer season because of its high content of fiber and water.  It is in fact a super fruit because it is full of nutrients.

Eating muskmelon can be one of the most popular Free Diet Tips In India.



Free Diet Tips In India



Top Benefits of Muskmelon for Health


1. Potassium

High blood pressure also known as Hypertension is one of the most common health problems among adults. High intake of sodium and stress are the prime causes of hypertension. Muskmelon which is a rich source of potassium can be really helpful in managing it.


2. Vitamin C

Muskmelon or Cantaloupe is a good source of Vitamin C, that helps in strengthening the immune system. Its high amount of Vitamin C aids in fighting back stomach ulcers also. It has the ability to stimulate white blood cell production thus keeping various infections away. All the more reason to add muskmelons to your daily diet during Covid-19. Its Vitamin C content helps in eliminating free radicals thus controlling the symptoms of cancer.

Being an excellent source of Vitamin C, muskmelons aid in regulating the menstrual flow, and soothing menstrual cramps.


3. Vitamin A and Beta carotene

Many do not know, but muskmelon is good for the eyes. It has an excellent source of Vitamin A and Beta carotene, which strengthens the muscles of the eyes and protects them from further problems like cataracts and others.


4. Fiber and Folate

Muskmelon is a wonderful source of fiber and folate. This is helpful to keep constipation at bay and ease bowel movement. The high content of folate in muskmelon makes it a wonderful snack for pregnant women. It controls sodium and water retention problems.


5. Oxykine

Cantaloupe or muskmelon contains Oxykine, which prevents kidney problems like kidney stones.


6. Neutral pH

Muskmelons have a neutral pH that makes them beneficial for treating acidity. So next time you have an acidity problem, you must have either a slice of muskmelon or have a glass of fresh muskmelon juice.



Free Diet Tips In India



How Muskmelon promotes Weight Loss

Due to the presence of so many nutritionally benefiting qualities, muskmelon helps in losing weight. Of course, the main reason that makes muskmelon help reduce weight is that it contains a negligible amount of fat and lots of fiber. Fiber content keeps digestion strong and the stomach clean thus reducing chances of inflammation and weight stalls.

The carbohydrates present in this fruit muskmelon are derived from sugar, which is easily broken by our body. Not only this but muskmelon has high water content and lots of fiber that makes it a super weight-loss food.  Its seeds contain good levels of potassium that reduce belly fat. 

Muskmelons have almost 90% water content that means more help in losing weight easily. It is also good for our skin due to the high amount of antioxidants. These help in the skin purification process. Cantaloupes are also loaded with skin-friendly collagen that if added to our diet happens to be an added asset for our skin. Not only for eating it but muskmelon pulp is also used to prepare face packs with other natural ingredients.

Here is the nutrition data for one cup or 156 gm of Muskmelon.

Calories 53 kcal
Fat 0.3 grams (negligible)
Carbohydrate 13g
Dietary fiber 1.4 g
Sugar 12g
Protein 1.3g
Vitamin A 3126 IU
Vitamin C 40.56mg
Potassium 531.96 mg
Folate 33.60 mcg

Keeping this table in mind we would recommend a regular mini-meal or snack containing muskmelons. Though it is considered a superfood for pregnant mothers, yet muskmelons must be consumed by them in small portions.

If you are looking for Free Diet Tips In India and weight loss, you can contact us here.

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The Fruitarian Diet Plan For Weight Loss

I am a fruit lover and that is the only reason, I love summers. Those huge red watermelons and golden muskmelons are a treat to the eyes. As most of you know that there was a time I had lost 40 kilos of weight being on the Atkins Diet. You can read my weight loss story here. For personalized meal plans, please connect with us.

We suggest eat this much, and lose weight fast. In many of my previous blog posts, I have written about how I gained back all my weight slowly due to hurting my ankle being overenthusiastic while working out. Age factor with Menopause related weight issues too played dirty in my case like many other women. But mostly it was my bad eating habit that landed me in a total health mess. Now that I am soon going to be 55, I plan to lose some weight again… actually lots of it needs to go now. :P.

Since I am a strong believer in the ‘Self-help is the best help’ concept thus while looking for some easy way of losing weight in two weeks during summers, I came across many articles on The Fruitarian Diet. The question lurked in my mind if that would be a good way to lose weight! So here I thought of sharing with you all who are sailing in the same boat as me… Please read and share your thoughts about The Fruitarian Diet, if you have ever tried it.



The Fruitarian Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Is it healthy or not!


Diet Plan for Weight Loss



Nowadays people are turning towards Veganism and Vegetarianism. They are becoming more vocal about following a plant-based, vegan, or vegetarian diet meal plan as the healthiest way to lose weight fast. A large population of the world is following the fruitarian diet, which involves eating fresh fruits in all the meals. Though according to the nutrition experts fruitarian diet plans are very restrictive diets and not recommended. Basically, it goes against the rules of a balanced diet. Well, agreed… BUT.



Can we use the fruitarian diet to lose some weight quickly?


We all know that fruits are packed with natural sugar like fructose, antioxidants, Vitamin C and beta-carotene, etc. We also know that fruits can reduce the risk of cancer and many other chronic diseases. Nutrition experts recommend eating seasonal fruits as healthy yet they say that fruit portions no more than 25% to 30% of an individual’s diet should be included in a healthy diet plan. LOL and we talk about eating 100% fruits…. 😛

There are diets like the mediterranean diet with the inclusion of fruits and vegetables in bigger proportions. Incidentally, the Mediterranean diet is considered one of the best heart-healthy diets. As far as losing weight on the Fruitarian Diet is concerned, nope experts refuse to accept it as healthy but do agree that it can help in losing some quick weight since it will be a very low-calorie diet. So weight loss, YES but there is a high chance of losing muscle in the bargain. Hmmm! that is something to worry about.



Reasons why the Fruitarian Diet is not recommended…


  • The Fruitarian Diet is a very restrictive one that can cause several health problems.
  • Though some can see quick weight loss yet fruits being heavy in natural sugars, eating large portions of fruit can make you put on weight instead of losing. Hmm! Risky, isn’t it?
  • For diabetic and pre-diabetic people this can be a risky diet due to obvious reasons. The natural sugar in fruits can negatively affect blood sugar levels.
  • The Fruitarian Diet can never be a healthy option for people with pancreatic and kidney disorders.
  • It has been seen that the followers of the Fruitarian diet generally suffer due to low levels of calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B12, iodine, and even omega-3 fatty acids. This can lead to various health problems like anemia, low energy level, and immune system disorders.
  • Since fruits have a low level of calcium thus can also be the cause of osteoporosis.
  • Malnutrition caused by eating fruits only can cause strong cravings and eating disorders.
  • Worst is that when one is eating only fruits, there is a lack of various vitamins, fats, and proteins, which can push your body into starvation mode, thus difficult to lose weight in the long run. We all know that if we starve our bodies, it slows down our metabolism in an attempt to conserve energy for basic functioning.

Well, isn’t it very clear that the Fruitarian Diet is not at all a healthy option! But if you want to lose some quick weight to fit into one size smaller dress for a special day, you can try it for three days maximum. Or the better way can be having one meal as ‘Fruit Only’ kind but one meal a balanced one.



I am going to try this middle path for a month along with some walk exercises (my osteoarthritis doesn’t allow me anything more than that–Sigh!) Let me do it for exactly a month and then I will share with you all the results with my personal experience.

Till then, eat healthy, stay home and stay safe.




30 new workouts include a mix of different exercises.

Shake off the winter chills this June with these AMAZING new workouts coming. To the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and the Healthy Mummy App! These 30 new workouts include a mix of different exercises such as Pilates, Boxing, Tabata, and Advanced Abs as well as brand new STEP and KICKBOXING workouts! Not only that, they will only take you 10 minutes to complete!

‘I don’t have time to exercise is a very common excuse many people use to avoid doing any physical activity. But EVERYONE can find 10 minutes in their day to squeeze in these awesome new workouts to get to their health goals!


Find out more about our ‘TAKE 10’ exercise program below!


  These 30 new workouts include a mix of different exercises such as Pilates,



30 NEW 10 minute workouts!


The ‘Take 10’ workouts are varied to avoid monotony and specific to certain muscle groups to ensure they’re all sufficiently worked out. This means you can work out once or twice a day and definitely cover all parts of your body in a week!


10 minutes is a short enough time that beginners or mums who may be scared to start exercise can mentally achieve the workout!



Kickboxing with Laura 


  These 30 new workouts include a mix of different exercises such as Pilates,




The amazing Laura Greenwood brings us 4 NEW kickboxing workouts. Don’t worry if you’ve never done kickboxing before, Laura will have 2 workouts for beginners and 2 advanced. Kickboxing is a great cardio workout that helps tone and build muscle and gives your metabolism a boost. It can also help to tone particular areas like the belly and love handles! Who doesn’t love the sound of that!



Pilates with Jo


These 30 new workouts include a mix of different exercises such as Pilates,



Our incredible Pilates trainer Joanne Ward heads up these 6 NEW Pilates workouts which are all intermediate. Pilates is the perfect exercise to help you with core strength, postural alignment, balance, and flexibility.

Joanne says, “Pilates is amazing because it works the whole body from arms, core, hips, legs, and glutes. It will make you stronger, more toned more flexible, and give you better posture.”



Step with Jade with her 30 NEW Workouts 


  Step with Jade with her 30 NEW Workouts 



Jade Hatcher is super excited to be doing 8 NEW Step workouts, all of which can be done on the floor as well as with a step.  There will be workouts for all ability levels, 3 beginners, 3 intermediate, and 2 advanced. These workouts, all just 10 minutes long will help you tone your glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps as well as give you a great overall aerobic workout.



Boxing with Laura 


Boxing with Laura in her 30 NEW Workouts 




If you’ve never tried boxing before, this is the perfect opportunity to give it a go. Laura is doing 2 new boxing workouts, 1 for beginners, and 1 for advanced. Boxing is a high-impact cardio workout that can burn through those calories. 

Laura says, ‘Doing sets of 40, 45 or 60 seconds allows for particular body parts to be pushed a little further past their threshold which will give you more of a feeling of endurance’.



Advanced Abs with Jo





Target your core with these 2 NEW Advanced Ab exercises with Jo. These exercises will specifically focus on your abdominal area and include crunches, planks, bicycles, and reverse abdominals.

Jo says, “10 minutes not for the faint-hearted. For the advanced, these workouts test your core strength and create a real burn in the abdominals.”



Tabata with Jade


  Jade Tabata in her 30 new workout




If you want to burn calories fast, these 8 NEW intermediate Tabata workouts led by Jade are just for you! Tabata is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout with short intense workouts that provide quicker results for increased cardiovascular capacity, endurance, and weight loss.



Are you ready to become a Healthy Mummy? Check this out






If you are wanting to lose weight and improve your energy – not to mention – help improve your overall health and wellbeing – our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is an awesome program to check out.

Our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge includes:

  • 28 days of at home exercise routines (no gym needed) – with video instruction
  • Customizable and breastfeeding friendly meal plans (including 7 Day Cleanse)
  • Time-efficient exercises for busy mums – under 30 mins
  • Challenge combines Pilates exercises with interval and circuit training (HIIT)
  • Suitable for basic to advanced fitness levels
  • Home to thousands of EASY-TO-MAKE recipes!

To learn more about our 28 DAY WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE CLICK HERE or purchase our Smoothies.




Coach Sascha Farley

Not sure where to start? Jump into

The Healthy Mummy app

It is super extensive, with guided workouts and SO many options!

ow to fit it in exercise:


1. Stop the overthinking and just know that every little bit counts

Lunge through the house instead of walk, squat with each item of clothing you hang on the line, do a Dance Fit workout from the app each afternoon with the kids!

Coach Sascha Farley always makes it fun, makes it work.


Super Coach Sascha Farley shares her tips to find the time to exercise around the kids


2. Park your car further away from the shops, school drop of, etc. and walk

Walk around the block morning or afternoon. If you have babies, use the baby-wearing workouts from the app.


3. Create a realistic baseline routine

For example, I always set the intention of exercising three times a week as a minimum – it’s more motivating to reach your goals than setting them too big and feel like you’re failing when you miss a workout.

Try Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or whatever days work for you and go from there.


Super Coach Sascha Farley shares her tips to find the time to exercise around the kids


4. Find what’s most effective for you

While anything is better than nothing, and as I’ve said above for some crazy lifestyles, simple is best and fitting in where you can just have to work.


5. Go hard in the time you have

If you have the time and energy to figure out what’s most effective for you, do it! I know that HIIT workouts combined with weights see me burn the most calories and get me quick results!

Walking or running might work for the next person but it’s different for everyone. The best way to track this is with a fitness watch.


6. Figure out what you love!

Usually, the kind of workout that is most effective for you will be the kind of exercise you love the most as you’re more like to put you’re all into it!

Don’t do weights if you don’t love it. Find something that gets you going!



Atkins Diet Plan For Vegetarians





Atkins Diet Plan For Vegetarians






I started my Atkins Diet (read Low Carb diet) as a non-vegetarian but the moment I shifted from Bhubaneswar to Noida it became difficult for me to continue with that as I didn’t want to eat costly fish brought from the notoriously polluted Yamuna. Read my non-vegetarian diet plan here.


I like chicken but can’t eat it on a daily basis while eating pork and beef are out of the question. So I was left with hardly any option but to shift to my ‘generally vegetarian’ lifestyle. A look at the weekly Tuesday vegetable shopping spree made me too happy as it was full of low-carb vegetables. This is the list of veggies I buy every week mainly for their low-carb content.


So here is the list with the carb content of each veggie.





Carbs gm / 100gm


Broccoli boiled



Cabbage boiled



Spinach raw




1.4 to 1.9


Sarson raw



Mushrooms raw



Capsicum raw



Eggplant raw






Tomatoes raw



Cucumber raw



Red cabbage raw



Radish raw



Pumpkin raw



Cauliflower boiled



Baby corn boiled



Okra  raw



Mung sprouts raw



Carrots raw



Red pepper raw



Onions raw




After going through this list you can surely have a general idea about how you can create a healthy and tasty low-carb meal. Make salads, soups, or sauté them.

If you eat eggs then add a handful of cabbage, chopped spinach, a tsp of chopped onions, a garlic clove chopped to 2 beaten eggs, and sauté in a tbsp butter. Sprinkle salt, pepper and there you have a full meal ready.

Here is an easy recipe for low-carb vegetarianism which is my favorite.

IMPORTANT – If you are vegan or intolerant to eggs you can make the same recipe without eggs and with an increase in Tofu/Paneer. It will be better to blend tofu/paneer into cream form for better baking.



atkins vegetarian diet weight loss





Number of servings – 4 (can make 2 too) 😛


Eggs – 4

Tofu – 50 g / Paneer – 30g

Capsicum – 50 g

Spinach – 100g

Onions – 2 tbsp chopped

Butter – 2 tbsp

Milk – 0.5 cup

Per Serving:

calories – 169

carbs – 3

fat- 13

protein – 9

cholesterol -18

fiber -1

net carb – 2 (per serve)


Atkins Diet Plan For Vegetarians



Mix everything together and either micro high for 4-5 minutes or make it into a thick omelet. Believe me, it’s yummy and healthy 🙂



Atkins Diet Plan For Vegetarians


My vegetarian low-carb meal plan generally goes like this.

Early morning

A tsp of roasted methi powder with 2 glasses of water. After this a big mugful of black tea without sugar with a tbsp milk cream (malai) and four almonds.


After my Walk at Home program. Two eggs cooked with veggies and lots of butter. (Above mentioned recipe) and a big mug of black coffee with 1 tablet of stevias.


A big plate of salad (blanched cabbage, capsicum, spinach) with 40g paneer crumbled in it.

Evening tea

Black tea with cream and 20 gms peanuts/ walnuts.


Cabbage, capsicum, ginger, spinach, green chilies, and coriander sautéed/ baked/ soup. A few almonds for that sweet tooth satiety. 😉

You can always keep changing the vegetable combinations. Like at times I just love to have a bowl of ‘Sarson Palak’s Saag’ with a big spoon full of desi ghee. It is great in winter for dinner.





To keep portions under control chop and weigh veggies in the morning only and keep them aside so that you are clear about your daily allowances.

Keep food weighing machine always at hand.


atkins vegetarian diet weight loss



People at times will call you crazy but that is the way it is. It’s your life and as far as food is concerned you have the full right to have your way. Be particular about your life now. You can’t let go of your joy of being healthy as you have got one chance to live a healthy fulfilling life enjoying the Atkins diet plan.

Love Life, Live Life.

P.S – Read Kanan’s inspiring weight loss story here.

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Benefits of Balinese Massage

 Hi Dear Girls, A brief introduction about me, I am a fitness enthusiast. I used to be 80 kgs and above at one point in time. I consulted a very famous dietician and started working out. Today I am below 58 kgs and I continue the same, but only improvise further. After all the weight loss, toning up becomes essential, I have some love handles hanging around & some of the flab needs to be off the arms ASAP 😛

I simply love massages. It gives me immense pleasure to go to a spa and get some rituals done. Some time back, before Covid 19, I got a Balinese Massage done. It is a great way to relax and tone up the body. Let me share with you some basics about a Balinese Massage.

It is an Indonesian ritual, which is given to reduce water retention and soreness of muscles. It is a 75-minute massage, which involves, stretching of the body, and oil massage, kneading, and locating pressure points to reduce pain. The massage may be painful for some, thus, let the therapist know if you have any pain or muscle pulls before the treatment starts.



Benefits of Balinese Massage:


Benefits of Balinese Massage



1. Complete Stretching of muscles:


If you do a heavy workout, you need to be stretched thereafter. In a Balinese massage, the first step is stretching of muscles, the therapist with her force of the body will make you do many yoga stretches on the massage bed. Stretching is also a way of getting ready for the massage you will be given later. It completely releases me of the pain and my joints feel more liberated 🙂



Balinese Massage Lose Weight



2. Improves blood circulation:


A Balinese massage helps improves blood circulation. The upward pressure strokes are set by the therapist to help improve blood circulation. It rushes blood into all the parts of the body, in turn giving you healthy-looking skin and a fresh face. Therefore, It is a deep technique that relieves all kinds of spasms. It is a deep pressure massage that alters the mental state and calms the nerves.



3. Toning up of the flab:


As I mentioned, I still need toning up, the best way is through specific exercises and massages, and therefore a Balinese massage is a perfect solution to this. It not only tones up your flab but also relaxes your mind. Thus, get a regular massage and see the difference.



4. Soft skin:


The oils and essential oils used help you moisturize the skin, it works wonders for the onset on winters. I get regular massages which work wonders for me :). The oils work extremely well for me, thus I ditch lotions for winters and get a massage. FYI I have extremely dry skin 🙁

Just a suggestion here, Balinese massage should not be the pick for if you have had any injury or surgery in the recent past. In pregnant and expecting mothers should check with their doctors before getting a Balinese massage which involves using pushing techniques.

I hope you all enjoyed reading about my experience at the Balinese Massage. See you with more soon 🙂

Much love


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5. By clicking on the downward-facing arrow on Meal Plan type, you will see the meal plan options for that month and change or update accordingly to suit you.

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6. If that meal plan type changes the following month, it will automatically update the new meal plan type added.

7. Meal plans are released every Wednesday morning. So when there is a new meal plan type added for a new month. You will be able to see that from Wednesday in Week 4 of the current challenge. By clicking on the Challenge Theme and changing to the following month’s theme.



How to customise to different meal plan healthy mummy app




8. Once you are in the new Challenge theme, click on Meal plan type and there you will be able to see the new plan option. For the Healthy Easter Eating, and Sugar Detox Theme. There is no new meal plan, so it will look the same.




.   How to customise to different meal plan healthy mummy app

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