January 26, 2020: First CA case, third in US  

February 6, 2020: California sees first US COVID-19 death  

February 26, 2020: California confirms first US case of person-to-person transmission 

March 4, 2020: Governor Gavin Newsom declares a state of emergency in CA  

March 11, 2020: Newsom recommends gatherings be limited to 250 people or less  

March 15, 2020: Senior home visits restricted; bars and restaurant capacity reduced  y

March 19, 2020: Newsom issues statewide shelter-in-place order 

May 19, 2020: California’s deadliest day yet, with 132 fatalities 

May 25, 2020: Then-record 2,565 new cases reported on Memorial Day 

June 18, 2020: Newsom issues statewide mask order 

July 13, 2020: California businesses shuttered again as deaths hit 7,000 and cases surpass 320,000 

July 17, 2020: Newsom orders distance learning 

September 16, 2020: State positivity rate hits record low. California has 14,451 deaths and more than 760,000 cases 

November 15-16, 2020: Nonessential businesses ordered closed, masks mandated outside the home and 10pm curfew enacted 

December 3, 2020: Newsom orders lockdowns for regions where ICU bed capacity falls below 15%  

December 14, 2020: First vaccines arrive as California breaks record with 41,149 case in a day as death toll rises 157% in two weeks  

December 16, 2020: 0% ICU bed capacity in San Joaquin Valley and  Southern California; 21.188 deaths and 1.6 million cases 

December 24, 2020: California becomes the first state to record two million COVID-19 cases  

December 25, 2020: All five regions are at max ICU capacity 

December 29, 2020: California renews stay-at-home order indefinitely 

December 30, 2020: UK variant detected in California 

January 9, 2021: A record 695 people die in one day as death toll surpasses 28,000 and cases climb above 2.5 million 

January 25, 2021: stay-at-home order lifted 

February 10, 2021: California reports its first two cases of South African variant of coronavirus  

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