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For quite some time we had been getting requests from our readers to reshare the weight loss challenge, along with the recipes and diet plans. So here we go again with our IWB 1 Month 4 Kgs Weight Loss : Diet Plan Day 1

All excited about the IWB Weight Loss Challenge :)?

IWB 1 Month 4 Kgs Weight Loss : Diet Plan Day 1

Enjoy the Diet Plan – Day 1. I am leaving the vegetable in the lunch open-ended for you to choose from since it’s the first day. Just avoid potato for this month. I would be specific from Day 2 onwards.

I have accommodated tea/coffee since I know we (read I :P) need tea twice a day. If you can avoid it, pat on your back :)!

I will upload the Workout Plan as well tonight. Till then, please don’t skip your walk. Find the walking plan here.

Monday/Day 1
7:30 AM Half lemon in 1 glass luke warm water + 10 almonds
8:30 AM 3 Egg Whites
8:30 AM Half cup muesli + 1 bowl skimmed milk
9:30 AM Tea/Coffee without sugar
11:30 AM Apple
1:00 PM 1 plate of salad + 1 wheat chapatti + 1 bowl of veggie + 1 bowl of Daal + 1 cup curd
4:00 PM Tea/Coffee without sugar + 2 Marie Biscuits
6:00 PM Fruit Salad( you can also have any 1 fruit)
8:00 PM 1 plate of green salad
8:30 PM Homemade vegetable soup + sauteed veggies
10:00 PM IF hungry, 1 cup warm skimmed milk without sugar


If you are already working out,  please have a fruit/salad 1 hour before and a buttermilk post workout. Will come with a list of food items that you should consume !



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