Digital and Network Marketing in 2019




Network Marketing in 2019.

By David M Gardner


In 2019, it could very well be that you need to be solely responsible, for your own financial destiny.

With things like government shutdowns, inflation, and questionable healthcare. It is a must that you could take care of yourself. When others might not be able to do it for you.

Perhaps you were or are one of those government employees. Who was forced to take a leave of absence? And this can put a major ding in your wallet and bank accounts? Who needs groceries and a warm house to live in any way!

Taking 100% ownership of your destiny and legacy is the only thing you can do. And Network Marketing can help to make that happen for you. It might not always be an easy process, but it can totally be worth it.

With Network Marketing being a multi-billion-dollar industry. There is a lot of opportunities out there. For you to get in and create your back up plan. To help improve your financial status in 2019 and beyond.



Social media storytelling can increase reach and brand awareness.



What is Network Marketing you might be wondering?


This is something that has been well established over the last 50+ years. Though it often has been given a bad rap.

All too often, This is due to someone who did not act and continue to work on their business. Only to invest money and not break even or not “get rich quick”. Which they thought they were going to do just by showing up and joining a company.

As I often tell my players, students and clients, alike. “You get out of it what you put into it” so in other words. If you put very little effort in, you should expect very little in return.

That is exactly what happens in the marketing world. Were many were not willing to put in the time.

They feel they should get full-time income on a lazy, sit on the couch and do-nothing attitude. It is highly unlikely that is would ever happen that way.

You need to go in with the right mindset. And continue to act day after day, month after month and year after year; to see results that anyone is capable of.

That is the great thing about Network Marketing. In that, there really is no cap on what you can earn in your life with a company.



Marketing Competitors.


Companies like Avon, Tupperware, Ambit Energy, Primerica, Arbonne. Now Lifestyle and many others are allowing people; to create their own independent businesses. (Usually as independent resellers of the company) and work as much or as little as they want.

Some might come in and just want to work in their spare time. To create some additional residual or recurring monthly income. From selling a product they are using themselves.

The way a Network marketing company has typically worked for the first 50 years. Was usually by word of mouth marketing, or what they call belly to belly marketing.

People would speak face to face, call each other on the phone, go to hotel meetings. And the like to learn about an opportunity that could set them free from their jobs.

Network marketing works because the company does not have to pay. Extensive advertising costs, in getting their products into the market.

The independent reseller and business owners. Do that instead of sharing the product with their connections, or network.

In 2019, Network Marketing has continued to evolve. Over the last 10 years or so there has been a major shift; in how people reach out and engage with each other.



Engaging Facts.

  1. Instead of calling on the phone, it might be a text message being sent.
  2. Alternatively of a hotel meeting, it might be an online webinar.
  3. Instead of a package or DVD sent, it might be a YouTube link.
  4. In place of a pamphlet, it might be a blog post shared.

One of the biggest things I have noticed recently. As well to hit the marketing campaigns of many people. Due, to increased technological advances, is that of the Ringless voicemail drop.

This is where it looks like you are getting a phone call. And see the incoming number for a fraction of a second, or possibly not at all. And instantly the software sends the created message into your voicemail.



Now from my personal perspective.


I can totally understand why this is an essential evolutionary growth. For the Network Marketing industry. Personally, I rarely answer my phone as most of the calls. Are trying to push one thing or another on the receiver.

If someone truly wants to get in touch with me. Leaving a text message of voicemail is the best bet as I do. Always check those and if I deem it important, I will surely respond.

On the same note. No one really wants to sit there for hours each day. And call hundreds of potential leads, only to get rejected most of the time.

If the voice drop seems to be computer-animated, then! I am surely going to delete it about 5 seconds into the message. Though if someone is to sound sincere, I might list to the whole message and see what they are talking about.

One thing that does continue to be consistent and has been now for over twenty years. Is that of email in the Network marketing industry.

There is no easier and cost-effective method of getting your message out to others. And software such as the email autoresponder, and capture page builders. I have continued to make this process easier and automated for business owners.

As the world has become more linked together. Online and companies are expanding their global reach with affiliates. In many countries and time zones, it is always good to have a system set up. So, anyone, anywhere and anytime. You can get the details and learn what they want on their terms.



Marketing and New Technology.


While we cannot truly rule out belly to belly and personal one on one marketing. Technology continues to exponentially expand their abilities. Of those involved in the Network Marketing field, to be able to build their teams and their dreams.

It is those marketers who embrace this or at least a hybrid version of being both personal. With one on one contact along with being able to be found online. With a simple search, who will see some of the biggest successes.

Those who continue to evolve. Refuse to quit and take consistent daily actions will build the legacy. They envision in the Network Marketing industry in 2019 and beyond.

Dave Gardner. Has been involved in Network marketing with a focus on the tools, and, software to help business builders since 2009.

This science teacher and single dad of three builds his business. In his spare time with automation tools. Like, those found in the Sand Shark email autoresponder and page builder software. That can be used by any person in any business. He is a top producer with his company and has spoken and each of their live events.

You can learn more about Dave and the software he uses. And start automating your team communication at






Digital Marketing and Blogging to Generate Affiliate Commissions.

By Deon Christie


Digital Marketing and the benefits of Blogging.


Digital marketing is growing rapidly especially with affiliate marketing. Where over 95% of the people getting started to do so completely unprepared.

Or rather misdirected. Making money online is calculated and time-consuming art. And the best way to get recognized as a professional is to offer outstanding content.

Solutions to identified needs within your niche. Digital marketing is all about turning knowledge into a digital product. And competitive knowledge requires a lot of time researching.

Do the research, find the problem and offer a solution. Even if it means weeks of research. Recognition requires sacrifice and maximum effort. There is no way to write high-quality content within a few minutes.

Unless it’s copy/paste content. Which should really be avoided because Search Engines does not appreciate that. Make your content your own. From writing to graphic content. And use that to create curiosity.

Digital marketing at a professional level is not as “easy” as is often suggested. But fortunately, there’s nothing that time and research cannot remedy. But first, you would want to know what to blog about right?



How to know what to blog about.


With digital marketing, also known as your profitable niche. The one thing you love doing most. And a hobby is often the best choice.

If you truly love what you do it will be impossible to give up. The options are vast with hundreds of different niches.

From dieting to supplements and opportunities. But finding the profitable niche is where an alarmingly large percentage of newbies go wrong. Your blog needs to be targeted to specific keywords and search phrases.

Best describing the content of your blog. If you love cycling, then that will be your profitable niche. Perhaps reading or watching movies?

Find that one thing you would love to be able to do all day. As opposed to the usual 9 – 5 grind. But don’t quit your job just yet.

Because earning a few thousand dollars per month does not happen that fast. Find your passion and create inspiring content to attract both visitors and search engines.



Image result for digital marketing pic



Digital marketing and ranking basics for Search Engines.


The most important advantage of blogging with digital marketing is SEO. Because nothing on Earth drives converting web traffic like SEO.

Without traffic, there will be no sales even with the most impressive blog online. Simply because the visitor is already looking for “cycling gear” or “cycling advice” or even “how to start cycling“.

Therefore, is already interested in your content. The blog targeted keyword must be the first word of both the domain name and blog title. Choose carefully and target keywords with a high search volume and low competition level.

Use the Google Keyword Planner tool available in your Google Ads account. an outstanding research tool by Google.

Another crucial tool for a successful blog is the Yoast SEO Premium plugin for WordPress. Because professional SEO is about a whole lot more than just strategic keyword placement.

There are word, sentence and paragraph length. And, the presence of transition words to increase the readability score. Along with sub-headings (H2, H3, H4). H2 Heading is often also a blog post title. The blog title, however, is also known as the H1 Header.

Having the relevant compelling content in front of the right audience. All made possible through search engines and SEO.

Because of Google alone processes over 63,000 searches per second. Which calculates to around 5.6 billion searches per day. And that is precisely why blogging is so important with digital marketing. It’s the perfect exposure tactic to generate sales online.



How to make money with your blog.


There are several ways to do that. Among the favorites is affiliate marketing. But more specifically affiliate product banner displays.

But raw banner HTML code can reduce your blog SEO score in search engines. Where a Grade-A blog is required to score above 70%. Rather use a plugin called “WP Insert” to display banners in blog posts and pages.

In fact, there are hundreds of useful free plugins accessible at WordPress (dot) org. To display banners in blog sidebars, use an image widget.

Then simply redirect the image to the cloaked affiliate link. A great affiliate link cloaking tool is another plugin called “Pretty Links Lite“.

Testing and writing product reviews is a great idea for creating compelling content. Use tools like “Pixabay” for unlimited high-quality royalty-free images.

Then turn that into a professional graphic display with another great image editing tool called “Canva“.

Your blog must stand out from a rather large crowd. Where the first impression is crucial. What does your visitor see when opening a link to your blog or blog post?

Does the first impression target an identified need? But more importantly, does it suggest a solution? If the content is not sufficiently compelling to potential visitors.

Then it may result in an alarmingly high bounce rate. And little to no sales at all.

Digital marketing with blogging and search engine optimization (SEO). Generating affiliate commissions online with your blog.

Creating compelling content and leveraging SEO