Pavithra Bharath has dropped down two dress sizes & lost 10kg

In just 10 weeks, Pavithra Bharath has dropped down two dress sizes and lost 10kg thanks to the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge!

This Sydney-based mamma reveals it was a vacation snapped that triggered her to jump on the healthy bandwagon – and she’s so glad she did.



See Pavithra’s results below!




 Pavithra Bharath, How This Mum Lost 10kg In 10 Weeks And Stopped Her Anxiety Attacks




How this mum lost 10kg in 10 weeks and stopped her anxiety attacks



Pavithra, 32, reveals that a snap her husband took while they were on holiday is what kickstarted her to lose weight.


“Furthermore, I was a happy mummy with two lovely kids but I never looked like myself. I was at my heaviest,” she says.

“In roughly 10 weeks I have lost 10 kilos and a lot of inches and gone from a size 20 to size 16.”




 Pavithra Bharath, Mum loses 10kg in 10 weeks and now feels less anxious



Pavithra has more energy and less anxiety now


Best of all,  Pavithra Bharath says she’s seen heaps of other benefits other than just going down dress sizes.

“Before The Healthy Mummy, I used to feel tired all the time and grumpy,” she admits.

“Now, I am able to have the same level of energy from 7 am till 11 pm. This means I am more available for my kids and feeling good about myself.

“I also have more energy. I used to get anxiety attacks to post-baby number two. However, Since the day I started working out by using the Challenge and walking, it has really helped me. I’ve not had an anxiety attack since.”





 Pavithra Bharath, display her flavoured smoothie




What a typical day looks like for Pavithra



Breakfast and Dinner: A Healthy Mummy smoothie (I like the strawberry and double chocolate premium ones) with pear and spinach.

Lunch: One of the Challenge recipes or some low-carb Indian food.

Snacks: My go-to snacks are greek yogurt with fruits, nuts, and oatmeal. The choco chip cookie tart from the Healthy Mummy App is an absolute fave for my hubby and kids.

Favorite Challenge app workouts:  However, I like the dance cardio with Jade and real mum workouts.





 Pavithra Bharath, Mum loses 10kg in 10 weeks and now feels less anxious




Three tips for success


1. To feel motivated: The Healthy Mummy support group helped me. If it were not for the group, I would have definitely not achieved this.

2. Consistency: There can be off days. But the key is to make this a lifestyle and keep bouncing back after a cheat meal or an off day.

3. Change your routine when there is a weight loss plateau: I went into a plateau after losing 6 kilos so I did more workouts, included weights, and focussed on hitting the calorie limit, and then I saw results.



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In Conclusion


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