Coach Sascha Farley

Not sure where to start? Jump into

The Healthy Mummy app

It is super extensive, with guided workouts and SO many options!

ow to fit it in exercise:


1. Stop the overthinking and just know that every little bit counts

Lunge through the house instead of walk, squat with each item of clothing you hang on the line, do a Dance Fit workout from the app each afternoon with the kids!

Coach Sascha Farley always makes it fun, makes it work.


Super Coach Sascha Farley shares her tips to find the time to exercise around the kids


2. Park your car further away from the shops, school drop of, etc. and walk

Walk around the block morning or afternoon. If you have babies, use the baby-wearing workouts from the app.


3. Create a realistic baseline routine

For example, I always set the intention of exercising three times a week as a minimum – it’s more motivating to reach your goals than setting them too big and feel like you’re failing when you miss a workout.

Try Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or whatever days work for you and go from there.


Super Coach Sascha Farley shares her tips to find the time to exercise around the kids


4. Find what’s most effective for you

While anything is better than nothing, and as I’ve said above for some crazy lifestyles, simple is best and fitting in where you can just have to work.


5. Go hard in the time you have

If you have the time and energy to figure out what’s most effective for you, do it! I know that HIIT workouts combined with weights see me burn the most calories and get me quick results!

Walking or running might work for the next person but it’s different for everyone. The best way to track this is with a fitness watch.


6. Figure out what you love!

Usually, the kind of workout that is most effective for you will be the kind of exercise you love the most as you’re more like to put you’re all into it!

Don’t do weights if you don’t love it. Find something that gets you going!