Healthy heart has many benefits, but did you know that a healthy brain is one of them?



Healthy Heart and brain.


(NewsUSA) – A healthy heart has many benefits, but did you know. That a healthy brain is one of them?

Brain health and heart health are closely connected. And forging healthy lifestyle habits at any age. Will help keep both your brain and your heart at peak performance.

According to a recent survey from the American Heart Association. Therefore, the greatest challenges for adults in the United States. Face to maintain a healthy heart and brain health are stress and poor diet.



AHA Research.


The American Heart Association. Conducted a market research survey of 2,000 adults across three age groups, including Generation X (aged 40-54 years), Millennials (ages 23-39 years), and Generation Z (18-22 years).

The survey found that, overall, fewer than half of the adults surveyed rated their brain health as “very good or excellent.” The same survey also found that 1 in 4 respondents. Said they were unaware of the connection between healthy heart and brain health.

In addition, the youngest adults (Generation Z). Reported significantly lower levels of emotional well-being. And brain health compared to older generations.

Therefore, it is never too early or too late to try these tips to improve your health.



* Eat smart.


Research suggests that a cup of greens each day. May slow brain aging and eating fish. Such as tuna and salmon can help maintain emotional balance and reduce inflammation from heart disease.



* Sleep well.


In short, Sleep lets the brain learn and grow; aim for seven to nine hours a night for optimal health. And to allow your brain to process all of the thinking and learning from a day.



* Get moving.


Physical activity is as good for the brain as it is for the whole body. Data shows that exercise increases a protein in the brain that impacts learning and memory. Aim to be active for 150 minutes per week. To reap the benefits of a stronger body and mind. In essence, the more you move, the healthier your brain.



* Stay connected.


Making social connections strengthens the brain, so make time for your friends and family. Make it a priority to connect with someone at least once a week, whether in person or by phone.

Furthermore, The American Heart Association. Is the world’s leading voluntary organization focused on healthy heart and brain health?

Visit for more information and tips from the American Heart Association; on living a longer and healthier life.








Move Over Meat – Vegetables are taking center stage on your plate.


Historically, American dinner plates have featured meat as its mainstay/star. With vegetables as tepid, secondary supporting players. Now, the balance of power on the plate is shifting as fresh, homegrown vegetables take center stage.

Recent “food trend” studies show that more people are making vegetables the main course of their meals. Although the interest in healthy eating extends to all age groups, millennials; seem to be driving this healthful food trend.

Data from the NPD Group suggests that people younger than 40 are eating 52 percent. More fresh vegetables compared with young adults 10 years ago. And that preference is likely to continue as they age.



Restaurants and Home Cooks


In support of this trend, professional chefs, bloggers, restaurants, and home cooks. Are embracing the flavors of a vast variety of vegetables, from common to exotic. Episodes of the popular “Iron Chef” television show feature vegetable-centric meals.

A recent article in New York magazine noted, “Simply put, the once-meat-obsessed populace is realizing that vegetables actually taste good. Especially when fresh, in season, and carefully prepared.”

You’ll see that many restaurants now offer vegetable-based entrees. That has inspired home cooks to explore the healthy and delicious potential. Of making fresh vegetables the main course.

Meanwhile, Some reasons driving the shift in the popularity of vegetables over meat include:



– Vine-Ripened, great taste.


Homegrown vegetables have a home-field advantage. When it comes to flavor because they stay on the vine to fully ripen and are harvested just before eating. Store-bought veggies are often harvested.

Before they’re fully ripe, so they don’t spoil on the journey to the store. Once picked from the vine, sugars begin to turn to starch-and that homegrown sweetness dissipates.



– Good health.


Everyone knows that vegetables are good for you, but research backs it up. In a study of over 130,000, in the Journal of American Medical Association Internal Medicine. Consumption of plant protein is associated with longer life compared with animal protein consumption.



– Good stewardship.


Eating more vegetables and less meat can have a positive effect on the environment. Data from the University of Oxford, England. Suggests that eating more vegetables could have a greater impact. On reducing one’s carbon footprint than giving up a car!

As vegetables grow in popularity and push meat from the center of the plate. More people are interested not only in eating more vegetables. But eating locally grown vegetables – hey, what’s more, local than growing your own veggies at home?

Growing vegetables at home are convenient, satisfying. A money-saver in the produce aisle and they’ll taste better, too!

Fortunately, for the home gardener, professional growers make it easy to grow nutritious and delicious vegetables at home. Bonnie Plants, for example, is a greenhouse grower offering more than 250 varieties. Of vegetable, herb, and fruit plants. Ranging from traditional favorites to new and different choices. Some easy-to-grow options for your veggie main course include hearty tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and zucchini.



Bonnie Plants.


Bonnie Plants operates more than 70 greenhouse facilities in 48 states. And trucks fresh plants from greenhouses to retailers near you. So they’re ready for planting upon purchase. And you’ll harvest six weeks sooner than if you grow from seed. Plus, the plants are grown a truck-ride away from the retailers that sell them.

Don’t worry if you have a little outdoor space. Patio-ready caged varieties and combo pots. Are available as great options for small spaces.

Furthermore, Curious home gardeners interested in healthy eating. Can enjoy experimenting with vegetables to replace meat. For a new take on burgers, try substituting squash. Veggie burgers, like their meat-based counterparts. It can be made in advance, frozen in patties, and pulled out for easy reheating as a healthy burger choice on a busy night.

Try putting a new spin on a salad. Substituting Swiss chard for a fresh, peppy taste in lieu of such standbys as lettuce, spinach, and arugula.





Time to season your homegrown veggies? Bonnie Plants also offers herb plants. So fresh seasoning is only a snip away with a quick trip to your garden plot or pot.

Visit for more information on varieties along with planting tips, tending, troubleshooting, harvesting, and a plethora of delicious recipesto try!




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Healthy Habits, Simple daily habits for Health, Fitness, and Wellness.




By Margot Rutigliano


One of the biggest roadblocks that people tell me they have is time. We are all living in a super busy, wound up, go all day kind of world.

Getting in eating healthy and workouts and stress reduction can be a challenge when you’re trying to juggle work, family, relationships, and more. (Believe me – I am right there with you!)

I was talking with one of our fitness retreats guests the other day and she wanted simple, broken down ideas of what she could do immediately when she returned home.

The change seemed overwhelming for her and I know it is for many other people too. So, I decided to create this easy list of 70 simple daily habits; to give your ideas of what you can do right now to make small changes in your daily routine.

My goal was to have you pick one from any of the three categories below to focus on for that day. You can continue to practice the same habit, or you can choose a different one each day.

You can extend to a week if you’d prefer. Either way, the list was created to show you that there are many different little tweaks; you can make to make a difference in your health and wellness.

Furthermore, focus on what you need most and what feels good for you!






Add in a new color food (yellow, red, green, purple, white, orange, blue)

Try a new food

Eat at least 1 serving of fruits and vegetables daily.

Use portion control

Eat all unprocessed foods

Have a no sweets day

Drink water

“Healthily” an otherwise unhealthy meal.

Have protein at each meal (can be animal or plant-based)

Chew your food completely

Above all, eat without distractions

Eat sitting down rather than standing up.

Meal prep

Limit caffeine in the afternoon

No white/refined carbs

Look ahead the menu if going out to eat so you can decide which healthy item, you’ll have.

No artificial sweeteners

Add in healthy fats

Stop before you’re stuffed (you can have the rest later)

Take a multi

Get in your Omega 3s

Take quick snacks with you if you’ll be traveling or on the go.

Seek out recipes for healthy habits from cookbooks or online blogs if you need inspiration.




Make time for recovery (stretch, foam roll, dynamic flexibility)

Try a new workout

Change your current workout (tempo, sets, reps, weight, interval time, etc.)

Take your workout outside

Track your progress so you know what’s working and what isn’t.

If you’re not sure where to start – seek help from a professional so you can get going.

Take a walk

Something is better than nothing (even 5 minutes)

Take advantage of vacation time and get in regular workouts.

Try an outdoor activity instead of a conventional workout (go paddleboarding, cycling, hiking, cross country skiing)

If it causes you pain, don’t do it (injury pain)

If you have injuries – seek out a professional to fix the root of the issue.

Challenge yourself a little more today than you did yesterday.

Help a friend get to the gym if they’re lacking motivation.

If you can’t get to the gym, do a workout at home (push-ups, squats, lunges, jumping jacks, plank, bridge, and the list goes on.)

Therefore, take the stairs

Park in the space furthest away from the building.

Use a standing desk or appropriate area where you can stand.

Get up every 15-30 minutes to walk around the office or the building.

Therefore, Break a sweat

Schedule your workout before work (if you never get to it after work).

Walk to lunch

Walk to work

Bike to work

If you’re traveling, scope out gyms or walking/running routes so you can still get in workouts.





Therefore, always meditate.

Start a gratitude journal

Write down something positive about yourself or your life each day.

Name 3 wins from yesterday.

Name 3 wins you want from today.

Get outside and into the fresh air

Certainly, try to take a nap

Read 5 pages a day.

Turn electronics off at least 2 hours before bed.

Have a no phone or tv night.

Go a full week without tv.

Deep breathe

Go to a yoga class

Get a massage

Get a fascial

Relax by the pool or ocean.

Hence, Create a vision board and look at it often.

Identify which stressors need to be eliminated from your life and create a plan to do so.

Plan a vacation (something to look forward to is always a good thing).

Get a Mani/Pedi with a friend.

Diffuse essential oils in your home.

Therefore, always make time for a friend or family member.





Therefore, Change is hard. I think we can all agree on that. Small, simple steps can lead up to big change if you’re willing to be consistent.

Start small. That’s why I created this list – so you can get an idea of the little things you can implement today or tomorrow that will enhance your health, fitness, and wellness. Do what you can with where you’re at.

Margot Rutigliano is a freelance writer as well as the owner of Vita Vie Retreat. She has been a fitness trainer, wellness coach, and healthy living adviser since 1999.

Finally, Vita Vie Retreat is a weight loss boot camp offering healthy lifestyle transformation programs for men and women of all ages and fitness levels.

For more information on healthy habits or to contact Ms. Rutigliano, please visit