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What Are The Factors That Affect Your Metabolism And In Turn Your Chances To Lose Weight?

Weight loss tips: Stay stress-free to speed up your metabolism


  • High-intensity workout helps you rev-up your metabolism
  • A healthy diet promotes better metabolic rate
  • Better metabolism results in better weight loss results

Metabolism is an important factor that affects your workout results. When trying to lose weight, it is also important to maintain a healthy metabolism. It is the rate at which your body produces energy from the food and drinks consumed. From green tea to a concoction of different kitchen ingredients, there are several drinks and teas that claim better metabolism. But not many are aware of factors that affect your metabolism and how it actually works. You need to take care of several factors to speed up your metabolism. In this article, here are some details straight from an expert that can help you understand your body’s metabolism.

Weight loss: Factors that affect metabolism

Nutritionist and fitness expert Munmun Ganeriwal explains, “Whenever someone thinks of weight loss, metabolism is one of the important factors that come up. Many also believe that they are gaining weight due to slow metabolism. To understand body’s metabolism, we tend to check it with machines typically seen in places like gyms that calculates BMR with the help of factors like age, gender, height and weight. But you need to know that your metabolism is affected by various other factors.”

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Level of stress and water intake in a day can affect your body’s metabolism
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She further mentions that factors like stress, weather, hydration status, hormonal balance and many more are linked with your body’s metabolism. While measuring metabolism or BMR on software-driven machines these factors are often overlooked.


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How to know your metabolism is not at its best?

Ganeriwal says, “You need to understand your body. Your body gives certain signs and symptoms that tell you that your metabolism is slow. If you are experiencing digestive issues like gas or bloating constantly then definitely it is a sign of low metabolism. A slow metabolism can be one of the reasons behind reoccurring digestive issues. Other visible factors include hormonal issues like thinning of hair or hands and feet getting cold.”

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Weight loss: Regular exercise can help you boost metabolism
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The food and the lifestyle choices you make will help you reset your metabolism. So, eat right, exercise well, move more throughout the day and sleep well to fix your metabolic rate.

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